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Floral Art 01


Blossoming digital beauty.

Experience the enchanting world of floral generative art, where nature’s beauty meets digital creativity

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Generative art is a captivating form of digital creativity where artists harness the power of algorithms and code to produce unique, ever-evolving artworks. These algorithms, guided by the artist's initial parameters and rules, create visuals that often surprise and intrigue viewers with their unexpected complexity and beauty. Generative art is a fusion of human imagination and machine intelligence, inviting us to explore the boundaries of art and technology while sparking conversations about randomness, order, and the infinite possibilities of the digital canvas.

  • Photo Frame with Custom Photo
  • Solid plastic fibre frame
  • Ideal for home, office and gifting
  • Comes with inbuilt hangers
  • Photo and frame are pre-assembled, product comes ready to hang with inbuilt hangers

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Size {inches)

8 x 8


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